Bespoke Women Wear

Customised and made to fit is our forte, all our garments are made as per your size and requirements. We love introducing rich Indian weaving traditions into our silhouettes, techniques, textures, and colours. We sincerely hope that the hand-crafted nature of our clothes brings you closer to a more sustainable, thoughtful, and compassionate way of living.

We offer below clothing choices in Tailoring 

  • Saree Blouse 
  • Kurta 
  • Kurta –Salwar Set 
  • Different styles of bottom wear
  • Skirts 
  • Western wear 
  • Home and Comfort wear 
  • Exclusive Bridal wear wardrobe support 


Kashida, Fulkari, Kashmiri you name it and we have it for you.

Our artisans put their heart and soul to make beautiful art pieces for you .

Let be, simple butti work on your kurta, dainty border on your saree, Or elaborative wedding blouses we have an array of hand and machine embroideries.


Conscious clothing, garments made with love, carry a greater sense of love and emotions. Here at Taana Baana, we will not only create fresh new outfits but will also encourage you to make the right choice of cherishing your family heirlooms forever. Let that be the pashmina shawls passed on from granny to mom to you, or your mom's Kanchipuram silk wedding saree, the leheriya bandhani dupatta your sister bought during her first Rajasthan tour, your dad's favorite blue shirt, or hubby's Christmas sweater…

We are here to mend/alter/repurpose and transform your precious memories into a masterpiece of art. To help you preserve the liveliness of the fabric, to carry forward its story and to create new ones for the generations to come.


A humble 6 yard fabric has never missed making a statement.

We love adorning you in this elegant piece, more the merrier!

  • Fall
  • Pico
  • Tassels
  • Roll Press
  • Upcycling/Recycling
  • Matching Blouse
  • Fabric Selection
  • Painting


Irrespective of your stature or physique, we can make suitable adjustments to transform poor or appropriate things into clothing that compliment your figure and enhance your personality. If you're a lady who needs to wear a specific size, adjustments are a requirement.

Services under Alteration

  • Kurta Western Wear
  • Indian Wear
  • Denim


Stitch, patch, or repair whatever it takes to give new lease of life to your cherished heirlooms or clothing items. We wish to support slow fashion and mindful wardrobes.

Soft Furnishings

Home is a reflection of your style and interests, Soft furnishing is a fabric used in sofa, cushions, curtains, and carpets, and art pieces, use of soft furnishings can help to bring together one's dream home, create a feature or statement or simply elevate the color palate .playing with textiles not only bring out elegance but can also enhance the feeling of cohesion.

Matching Services For Fabric And Braid

If you're seeking for fabrics to match current garments or replace them with a close substitute, we're your one-stop-shop. We'll do all we can to source the perfect material for your needs.

Fabric Painting

Wants to make a statement,We can curate quirky, crazy, and unique designs for you , we have collaborated with a renowned artists who can create magic on plain fabrics. The application of painting or color on fabric is enormous and we love taking creative challenges.

Fabric Jewellery

Fabric jewellery has always been popular since antiquity and continues to be so now. We offer various styles of fabric jewellery, and the techniques we use are astonishing. Do check with us for matching collections.

Customized Matching Bags/Batwa/ Face Mask

You got an outfit and not a bag to match your style? Well, we are the solution to your problem. Sustainable shopping bags or personal handbags are all the trend these days, and plastic shopping bags are fast being phased out of many households and businesses. It doesn't stop there; you also get designer custom-stitched face masks to complete your style statement.

Kids Wear

No kidding when it comes to kidswear! Comfort, Fit for purpose, and sustainable fabrics are our main focal points.
we provide a wide array of children's wear made to order.

Quilt Making

When life gives you scraps make a Quilt!
We are happy to upcycle your fabric leftovers or baby clothing into memory quilts.