Connect with us over the phone/WhatsApp/Email. State your requirements to assign a Design facilitator.


Our Design Facilitator will arrive at your doorstep at a scheduled time, will finalize the design, and collect material.

Customer Satisfaction

Within a predetermined timeline your garment will be delivered to your doorstep + alterations if any, will be addressed

Why should you come to us?

The textile industry is a highly disorganized and labor-intensive sector. We have seen through our own experiences that finding the perfect fabric and tailoring it to our needs is a challenging and daunting task. Either the price point is too high, or the style of the season is unavailable, ruining our chances at finding something we can afford. The women of this nation have accepted these circumstances, but it can be changed.

At Tanaa Banaa, we offer a one-stop solution to all your textile and clothing requirements while being transparent and fair to the entire ecosystem. 

Tanaa Banaa will offer you an organized answer to this problem. We will pick and drop off your outfit at your convenience and get rid of all the headaches that come with the making of a custom product. Leave it to us – we will take care of it!

How does it work?

The best way to get in touch with us is via Whatsapp or our website. Our Design Facilitator will get back to you and schedule an appointment. On the scheduled appointment day, she will come to your home and help you finalize the design of your choice. She will also take your measurements or ask for a sample outfit. If there is customization needed for example embroidery, the enhanced charges will be mentioned beforehand. The order is then confirmed, and you will be provided with an invoice for expected charges. A delivery date will be scheduled after our Design Facilitator/Consultant speaks with the artisan (anything between 5 to 15 working days). Your order will be shipped to you within the timeframe. If there is a need for any alterations, it will be done with no additional charge and the pickup and drop is our responsibility.

What is the delivery timeline?

Standard stitching will be delivered within 7 working days. If there is any customization like for example, embroidery or any other form of handwork it could take from 10 to 30 days and the exact timeline will be conveyed to you by our Design facilitators.

We want to ensure complete transparency at this point of the process to maintain absolute efficiency and responsibility.

I have a lot of requirements and it is too complicated to address all of them on Whatsapp or chat, how then do we take this forward?

Our Design facilitators can handle the most complicated requirements. We are always happy to help. The ‘at home’ consultation will assure you that we can address all your needs.

How and where do you source your fabric – I have a need for fabric/ dupatta/matching blouse?

We source the fabric from regular retail fabric stores in Pune. We do not overcharge and give you the actual cost price. During the purchase transaction, we will provide you with options and suggestions and any purchase will only be made after your approval.

Purchase once made as per your direction cannot be returned.

What precautions are you taking to ensure safety during the Covid pandemic?

All our staff is fully vaccinated. We also sanitize every package at our workshop before handing it over to our delivery partners.

What neighborhoods do you work in?

Our Design Facilitators cover all of Pune and PCMC. We can also address your needs online and deliver all over India/ worldwide (with additional shipping costs)

What if my outfit does not fit well and I want to send it back for alterations?

You don’t have to worry on this front. We will have the outfit picked up, altered, and dropped off at your convenience.