Priyanka has a Masters in Textile Science and Design and has been working with international design firms for over 12 years. She is the best person to understand the trials and tribulations an urban working woman undergoes to survive in our society and has a keen interest in a practical fashion. Tanaa Banaa was born out of this passion for helping our women achieve their stylistic goals and become a woman of vogue.  Apart from being a textile pundit, Priyanka dabbles in cooking and loves to travel. She also works with NGOs to promote the idea of fashion sustainability and women empowerment and is a visiting professor at the Department of Design at VIT.

Vidya is a medical practitioner and a huge proponent of sustainability in fashion. Her love for fashion with a purpose has drawn her to Tanaa Banaa making it a service with conscience and human touch. As a mother, she has her hands full, but she does make time to travel and has been a part of many treks and walking groups over the years