Belief Behind Tanaa Banaa

Fabrics are living souls. Yes, they breathe, they remember and if you listen closely, they even tell us interesting stories! Let us help you to preserve and recreate these stories.
Being a 90’s kid from a middle-class Indian family, life seemed to have the best of both worlds – big caring families, shared resources, and limited distractions meant bountiful time for creativity.
I was the youngest of all the siblings, so my birthday celebration would mean lots of pampering from my family, my friends, and friends of all of my siblings. Finding a perfect gift for me was a no-brainer -, a nice stylish dress would instantly cheer me up. The only other occasion for buying new clothes was Diwali. Of course, that didn’t prevent me from dressing up the rest of the year in a variety of fashionable outfits though. I used to cherish the moments I spent waiting for my sisters’ dresses to land up in my wardrobe, in good condition. Another source was the summer holidays at my uncle’s place. The entire family would gather to dance, sing, chit chat, and have a gala time together! The most important memory during those vacations that I have is the exchange of used clothes between all my cousins’. Not just sisters, but brothers as well. In fact, with brothers, it was a one-way deal to get their rough n tough denim n tees without sparing even a hanky in return.
My mom has always been a talented artist when it came to stitching chic dresses from her old sarees. Her magic touch of fabric painting, embroidery, or beadwork would be unique and matching to our personality.
Granny used to visit us during Diwali and the summer holidays. We would hand over our treasure of worn-out clothes to her. She would then transform them into a beautiful patchwork quilt customized as per our wishes. The love and cozy warmth that quilt provides on a hectic day, is still unmatched even by the most expensive comforter in my collection. It was such a mesmerizing sight to watch her carefully arrange all those pieces and stitch them one by one with a simple white thread. Being illiterate and having sore eyesight didn’t stop her from creating the most vivid combinations and wonderful design patterns.
Visiting a Paithaniworkshop during school times was another life-changing experience. Multiple generations strived hard to maintain this tradition, handwovenamazing art despite meager wages.
All these precious moments flash before my eyes and make me wonder how life can be so simple and yet meaningful. Fabric/cloth is not just a basic need but it’s a way to express ourselves -our individuality. It’s one of the most intimate bonds we share with our body and mind.
Conscious clothing, garments made with love, carry a greater sense of love and emotions. Here at TaanaBaana, we will not only create fresh new outfits but will also encourage you to make the right choice of cherishing your family heirlooms forever. Let that be the pashmina shawls passed on from granny to mom to you, or your mom’s Kanchipuram silk wedding saree, the leheriya bandhani dupatta your sister bought during her first Rajasthan tour, your dad’s favorite blue shirt, or hubby’s Christmas sweater… we are here to mend/alter/repurpose and transform your precious memories into a masterpiece of art. To help you preserve the liveliness of the fabric, to carry forward its story, and to create new ones for the generations to come.