About Tanaa Banaa

“Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will”  Anne Klein

At Tanaa Banaa we are offering a one-stop solution to all your textile and clothing requirements. And while doing so we are making the utmost efforts to be fair, transparent to the entire ecosystem. The textile industry is a highly disorganized and labor-intensive sector we as women face many challenges on day to day basis, let that be finding the right fabric for the right price, the right tailor, the right fit, and above all style that fits our body and feeds our mind. The Struggle is real and every one of us goes through this at least once in a lifetime

Clothing is not only what we wear but what it makes of a wearer. At times it adds color to your living room or provides warmth in your bedroom, It adds functionality to your bags and creates and withstands beautiful memories of your special occasions.

A journey from basic necessity to defining your persona, your individuality, fabrics carry great weight. We at TanaaBanaa strive hard to make the world one percent better for you. So when it comes to textiles, fabrics, clothing leave it to us and will take care of it.

We believe in Sustainability, Fair Practices, Local sourced and produced, Well made, Bespoke, Convenience, and Quality.